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Most folks that I know cringe at the mention of Network Marketing wake up now working momor MLM (Multi-level Marketing).

I can’t say I blame ‘em.  Most of the time, when you hear those words, you KNOW what’s coming next…

…the sales pitch.

You know the type.  Where your friend or family member’s joined this awesome new business and is so stoked about it he just HAS to share it with everyone.

It’s changed his life, blah, blah, blah…

Funny thing is… he’s still scraping by like he always has.

You know he’s just reading the marketing copy.

Blindly following  the script from the company marketing brochure or droning on with the speech he learned from his own overbearing sponsor.

This “opportunity” has GOT to be a scam right?  This guy didn’t make any cash, right?

Well…  yes & no.

But just because HE didn’t make bank doesn’t mean others can’t either.  Even HE could make money given the right coaching and a change in the way he conducts his business.

You see, that’s the key to network marketing success.

You have to do a good job selling yourself as a sponsor.

You’ve gotta convince people to join forces with you, and you’re not gonna do a very good job of that while you’re just spewing garbage to your friends, across facebook, and to every Joe you run into down at WalMart.

You’ve got to have a unique approach.  You’ve got to have something to offer your potential teammates.  They have to be able to trust that you’re the right person to help THEM succeed.

You see…  they don’t really give a crap about your business opp.  They’re looking for a way to improve themselves and make their own lives a little better.

My local buddy, Ken Mabry, is a pro at network marketing because he understands all this.  He’s built his Wake Up Now business simply through blogging and helping others follow in his footsteps to do the same.

People tend to flock to his blog, http://mozcafe.com, because he offers them help in getting their own business started.

The dude is crazy-smart…  he used to work for NASA before he got into Internet Marketing and finally realized he could CRUSH it online and make way more money.

So, if you’re thinking about network marketing, but you’re reluctant to jump in because of the stigma, just remember to do your research.

Stay away from the scuzzy companies.  And especially stay away from the scuzzy sponsors–they’re associated with ALL the companies, unfortunately.

If you make the right, educated choices, you can be making an impressive living HONESTLY via MLM.

Wake Up Now and Ken Mabry are the perfect example.

Until next time!


Looking for a Dog Trainer in Maryland? – iCarek9 & Morris Lindesey are Among the Best

One of the great things about owning your own blog, is that you’re able to share with the world when you run across a service that’s truly exceptional.  Not too long ago, my wife and I found ourselves in need of a dog trainer.  We had just adopted two German Shepherd puppies and didn’t realize just how “in over our heads” we really were.  My wife came across iCareK9 and Morris Lindesey (one and the same) and decided to give ‘em a call.

iCareK9 Group Class - Best Dog Trainer in MD

It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  Morris and Annemarie came out to our house for a free evaluation.  They were professional, upfront, and honest with their assessment.

We were sold on their services right away…  my wife ended up writing check for a deposit on one of their “board and train” packages.  A few days later, we sent off our female GSD to live in their home for the next two weeks.

She came back a changed dog!  Still the same goofy, sweet dog we loved, but sooooo much more well behaved and respectful…  with a solid foundation for further training.

Next up was our male GSD, same thing… a two week boot camp.  He came back with the same results.


That was almost two years ago and we still attend iCareK9’s group classes to keep ourselves’ and the dog’s skills sharp.

If you live in the Maryland/DC area and you’re looking for an outstanding dog trainer…  I highly recommend you check out iCareK9!


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